Via Vasse Stage 8

Location: Via Vasse

Via Vasse is a residential estate of 301 lots of which stage 8 was developed with 35 lots being created. The estate is located adjacent to Vasse Hwy Busselton. Acid sulphate testing, treatment & water monitoring was required. Environmental mge plans developed for Western Grey Kangaroo & Western Ringtail Posseum. Revegetation & landscaping,construction of parklands & hardscape.

The residential subdivision included the following works:

  • Import Fill: 33,924m3
  • Roads: 4,335m2
  • Drainage: 456m
  • Sewer: 508m
  • Water Retic: 485m
  • Underground power/NBN
  • Dewatering
  • Water Monitoring
  • Acid Sulphate testing & treatment
  • Landscaping revegetation
  • Create Kangaroo & Posseum Corridors