Byford West Main Sewer – DN450 & DN600

Client: DJM Byford Pty Ltd
Location: Byford West Estate
Construction Period: Dec 13 – Mar 14
Ground Conditions: Clay, Wet Ground.
Depth: 6 – 8 Metres

The scope of works included the following:

  • Excavation of pipe trenches and all earthworks necessary to construct and complete the
  • Sewer Main works to depths ranging from 6m to 8m & in Clay ground conditions with dewatering requirement.
  • Handling, storage on site, and installation of approximately 240m of DN600 and 560m of
  • DN450 Class PN1 SN10000 GRP pipe (3m length segments provided by the Principal.)
  • Supply, handling, storage on site, and installation of seven type 6 plastic lined access
  • chambers, including base liners and trafficable lids approximately 7m in depth each.
  • Dewatering of the site as required for pipe installation;
  • Installation of all pipes, fittings and access chambers.
  • Backfilling and compaction of pipe trenches;
  • Testing and backfill and earthworks;
  • Disposal of surplus excavated material;
  • Install membrane & double isolation at existing sewer access chamber.
  • Connection to existing Water Corporation sewer main.
  • Commissioning of the pipeline.
  • Supply of ‘As-Construction’ drawings and information.
  • Dewatering Management Plan.
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