Our expertise in pipeline construction allows us to fully support our trenchless capability in the water sectors. 

This expertise enables us to deliver wider project outcomes for our clients. We’re supported by a network of specialist suppliers and industry experts, which complements our trenchless expertise by providing microtunnelling capability, open cut pipeline capability and pipe repair and rehabilitation services.

We can construct deep pipelines in complex geotechnical and ground water conditions using a variety of techniques for ground support and stabilisation.

Our experience also includes the construction of manholes and associated structures and earthworks associated with detention ponds and other interconnecting civil works. This experience includes managing and executing works associated with reinstatement in existing infill areas and new streetscapes.

Our ability to integrate both trenchless and conventional construction techniques means we have the flexibility to efficiently scope and execute works to mitigate interface risks for our clients.

Pipeline Construction includes:

  • Main Sewer
  • Retic sewer
  • Drainage
  • Water
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Pressure Mains
  • MSCL pipelines
  • GRP Pipelines
  • PVC Pipelines

Trenchless tunnelling of above pipelines direct utilising jacking pipes or/ & in casing pipes.

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