Wellard Glen Stage 4

Location: Wellard, Western Australia

Wellard Glen is a residential estate of 242 lots of which stage one was developed with 68 lots being created.The estate is located adjacent to Kwinana Fwy in Wellard & fronts Millar Rd. Acid sulphate testing & water monitoring was required & methologies utilized to minimise dewatering. Depths of infrastructure servicing for sewer were to depths of 6 metres and section of water main & gas had to be extended along the existing Millar Rd to current servicing location to the West of the estate.

Traffic Management & directional drilling was also required.

The residential subdivision included the following works:

  • Import Fill: 41,431m3
  • Roads: 6,480m2
  • Drainage: 750m
  • Sewer: 1067m
  • Water Retic 100-250mm: 936m
  • Underground power/NBN
  • Retaining Walls: 1040m
  • Noise Walls: 26m
  • Dewatering
  • Water Monitoring
  • An aerial shot of a piece land being prepared for infrastructure.
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